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Cranbrook's First City Council
Photo of Cranbrook's First City Council
C/W black wood & glass frame & brief history & names. Mounted, duplicate. 3 newspaper clippings on reverse.
Front row left to right: James Greer,
G.T. Rogers (mayor), H. Hickenbotham.
Back row left to right: D. Murphy,
Joseph Jackson, J. Fink, George Tisdale.
photograph : b&w, mounted

1976.059.001 1-1-6-24

Cranbrook's City Clerk, First Mayor G. T. Rogers, Engineer
Photo of (left to right) Cranbrook's City Clerk first Mayor G.T. Rogers, and Engineer
Oval, mounted, slightly unglued
photograph : b&w

1976.059.002 3-7-1-5
More Info 1916 Council Meeting Provides Some Interesting Comparisons
"Come With Me to Yesterday" article # 209 of 633 articles in a series of articles published in the Cranbrook Courier, Town & Country, Daily Townsman and Daily Bulletin between 1963 and 1978. Series coverage includes various events, people and topics of the Cranbrook district. Original articles are based on research from early district newspapers, books, interviews and correspondence often including transcribed sources. Research by Dan A. MacDonald. Editing, notes and comments by Dave Kay.
textual record : newspaper article, photocopy

1978.064.137 REF.0001.0001

Cranbrook Fire Brigade, Cranbrook, BC

photograph : b&w

ca. 1912
1978.166.002 1-1-8-25

Cranbrook Townsite Survey Crew
Info. written on back of mount: Married 1901, Hired on survey gang when 17, born 1879, March 28.
photograph : b&w, mounted

ca. 1896
1978.211.001 PHOTO.OS.0023.0001
More Info
Mayor Sang, M McFarlane, Mrs G Miles, W Gilroy

Sod Turning ceremony at Mount Baker Senior Secondary (1950)

B & W (black wood frame c/w glass)

1978.239.001 CH shelf H3
More Info City of Cranbrook
Financial Statement
textual record : financial statement, printed

Dec. 31, 1943
1979.026.001 1-2-7-17

Imperial and Commerce Banks
CIBC official opening ribbon cutting (1973)

B & W

1984.004.018 1-2-7-14

Olive Chivers Collection
Mayor Tommy Roberts standing next to an earlier style vehicle

Photograph : b&w

ca 1928
1990.091.035 1-3-2-11
More Info
Cranbrook firefighters


1993.062.004 CH shelf A2
More Info
Canbrook's Mayor Balment (1924)

1993.063.002 CH shelf F2

Cranbrook City Council, 1946. Mounted photo collection. A.J. Balment, Mayor. A.E. Jones, J.F. Scott, R.J. Laurie, J.R. Atchison, J.M. Falkins, V.C. Brown. Created by Nelson Studio.

2007.001.001 Archives Storage

Cranbrook City Council, 1954. Mounted photo collection. R.E. Sang, Mayor. A.J. Balment, S.L. McLeary, G.W. Haddad, W.A. Burton, M. McCrindle, A.E. Jones

2007.001.002 Archives Storage
More Info History of Eva Watson & Murdo Tallman.
Eva Watson, secretary to Mayor of Cranbrook, BC during 1920's. Murdo Tallman Cranbrook, BC fire fighter during the 1920's. Watson & Tallman married in Penticton, BC Oct. 28, 1931.
textual record : article, handwritten

Aug. 30, 2007
2008.041.004 2-1-2-11

Eva Maud Watson Studio Photograph
Secretary to Cranbrook, BC mayor in the 1920's.
photograph : b&w, studio

Oct. 28, 1931
2008.041.002 1-4-1-43

Murdo Seth "Slim" Tallman
Studio Photograph. Cranbrook, BC Firefighter
photograph : b&w, studio

2008.041.003 1-4-1-44

Cranbrook Fire Dept Crew and Trucks in front of Cranbrook, BC Fire Hall
Fire crewmen & others posed in front of the new Cranbrook Fire Hall (CFD). Posed are:H. Collier, W. Attridge, V. Liddicoate, A. Jones, A. Balment, F. Burgess, T. Roberts, D. Philpot, M. Hall, J. Jackson, W. Flowers, T. McPherson, S. Fyles, J. Conroy, C. McIyre, S. Tallman, R. Carr, S. McCleary, J. Ward, P. Adams, M. Kary, J. Gordon, W. Hayward, S. Knight. Murdo Seth "Slim" Tallman is standing on back rear tire of fire truck (as stated in CBK.2008.041..004)
photograph : b&w, mounted

Nov. 14, 1929
2008.041.007 OS PHOTO
More Info Cranbrook Parking Meter Officer Hat
Green with black brim and band. Totem Brand. Was part of the uniform worn by the Cranbrook BC parking meter officers during the 1970's. The uniform consisted of green jacket and slacks, shirt (colour ?) and hat.
clothing : unisex, headwear, hat, parking meter officer

2008.007.002 3-Dimensional - Clothing & Textiles

Cranbrook City Council, 1959
F.A. Jones, Mayor R.E. Sang, Mrs. W.O. Green, W.J. Hume, R.S. Inglis, J.H. Ward, and S. McLeary. From City of Cranbrook, Mayor's Office.
7 photographs : b&w, mounted portraits collection

2007.001.014 Archives Storage

Cranbrook City Council, 1960
W.E. Leonard, Mayor R.E. Sang, S.E. McLeary, R.S. Inglis, Mrs. W.O. Green, J.H. Ward, F.A. Jones. From City of Cranbrook, Mayor's Office.
7 photographs : b&w, mounted portraits collection

2007.001.015 Archives Storage
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