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More Info Back Home, and Glad of It
"Come With Me to Yesterday" article # 137 of 633 articles in a series of articles published in the Cranbrook Courier, Town & Country, Daily Townsman and Daily Bulletin between 1963 and 1978. Series coverage includes various events, people and topics of the Cranbrook district. Original articles are based on research from early district newspapers, books, interviews and correspondence often including transcribed sources. Research by Dan A. MacDonald. Editing, notes and comments by Dave Kay.
textual record : newspaper article, photocopy

1978.064.079 REF.0001.0001

The Selling of Canada
CPR & the Beginning of Canadian Tourism.
Describes how the CPR developed & promoted tourism in it's quest for a profitable passenger line. b&w photos & b&w illustrations, colored posters.
book : softcover

1984.024.001 Library

Explore Canada, CAA, An Illustrated Guide
A book intended for tourists, trip planners, and students. INcludes, geologic history, Canada's Heritage, the Places of Canada, the Buildings of Canada and has a portfolia of maps of Canada from sea to sea. Also supports text with many photos & drawings; of sites, artifacts, Canada's geological and human history.
Second edition.
photos & maps
book : hardcover

1988.031.001 Library
More Info Canada Coast to Coast
'Across Canada' photo album, inside cover: TS Gill 1862 - 1935, CPR 1882 - 1927 < 45 years Cranbrook - 1898 - First Passenger Train Engineer
textual record : booklet, printed

1998.032.009 MSS.0109.0021
More Info Destination Canadian Rockies
To begin a dream... to preserve a memory!
audio visual : video cassette

2009.032.184 Video Cassette Collection
More Info Canada 2
On top of the World with Anne Martin. Forests, wildlife, beaches, cities, glaciers, heritage, mountains, history. 60 minutes
audio visual : video cassette

2009.032.188 Video Cassette Collection

Sailing Seven Seas, a History of the Canadian Pacific Line
A history of the Canadian Pacific Line from the start until what was left of the legendary maritime operations was sold off in 2005, includes B/W photos and colour poster illustrations.
book : hardcover, dust jacket

2011.021.001 Library

Rockies, The
A photographic record of the Rockies, using photos from 25 nationally and internationally known photographers, supported by the writing of Andy Russell in an evocative and entertaining text.
Title page signed by author.
col. photographs,
book : hardcover

2008.014.015 Library
More Info Canadian Pacific (CP) All Services Map
Highlights Canadian Pacific North American railway routes, hotels and agencies. Shows other railway routes as well. 2 Inset maps showing worldwide CP steamship and airway routes. Reverse side: Layout diagrams and color drawings (interior) of various passenger cars, color drawings of various CP modes of transportation (rail cars, truck, airplane, steamship, etc.). Large color image of "The Canadian" in Bow River Valley, Canadian Rockies.
textual record : map

2008.051.010 2-6-5-1
More Info Destination British Columbia
To begin a dream... to preserve a memory!
audio visual : video cassette

2009.032.185 Video Cassette Collection
More Info Mountain Serenity
Images of nature, enchanting...captivating...naturally relaxing. 45 minutes
audio visual : video cassette

2009.032.187 Video Cassette Collection
More Info Steamer Trunk ca 1924
Steamer trunk ca 1924 from original estate of Richmond Hill (Old English Lane) Toronto, ON. Train travel as husband was an architectural engineer who consulted throughout the world, but mainly across Canada, MB, ON, BC.
artifact : steamer trunk

ca 1924
2011.025.001 Car #4489
More Info Southern Ontario Rail Lines
Southern Ontario Rail Lines 1850 - 1984
map : printed

1992.158.004 MAP DRAWER 4

Montreal's Electric Streetcars: An Illustrated History of the Tramway Era: 1892 to 1959
The story of the varied electric railway rolling stock which was owned and operated by the Montreal transit system. Mr. Binns traces the progressive development of Montreal's electric streetcars from the single-truck Brownell "Rocket" of 1892 to the final PCCs of 1944.
book : hardcover, dust jacket

1973, with Errata and Addenda 1974
2011.041.001 Library

The Golden Age of Canadian Railways
One of the most important developments in Canadian history, the railways helped create the country, uniting east and west and opening up the new nation's vast prairies and northern frontiers. Aspects of the early decades of Canada's classic railway routes are explored in this elegant, lavishly illustrated volume. The social, economic, environmental and technological challenges and achievements are all covered, together with highlights of the routes and the experiences of eager train passengers.
book : hardcover, dust jacket

2011.043.001 Library

45,000 Mile Proving Ground - Canadian Locomotive Company Limited
Information regarding a new Canadian Railway Company - the Canadian Locomotive Company with the Consolidation Diesel Engine
textual record : information sheet

July, 1952
2012.005.003 2-2-4-16

Across Canada Booklet
Across Canada - a travel book by Rail with "TRANSCANADA, TRANSATLANTIC, TRANSPACIFIC" on the back cover. Missing the first 12 pages and front cover, illustrated with photos, drawings and maps.
textual record : booklet

2012.035.063 4-2-8-8
More Info Steamer Trunk
Tin exterior steamer trunk with removable shelf section (87.5 x 53 x 16 cm, divided in 2) with reinforced metal edging on shelf bottom. Cloth interior ripped, cracked, and stained. Single board with narrow bent strip along one edge (86 x 52.5 cm) and 2 wooden slats (24.5 x 7 cm), leather handles intact, metal bracing, 2 latches and 1 lock, 3 hinges, wood braces on bottom (4) for reinforcement, black exterior.
artifact : steamer trunk

late 1800*s
2012.061.001 Car #4489
More Info Steamer Trunk Upright
Steamer trunk, tin exterior, upright, 1 lock, 2 latches, 3 hinges (all brass) with rivets, corner reinforcements, blue colour. Interior right side - 4 drawers (1 @ 51 x 26.5 x 14.5 cm, 2 @ 51 x 26.5 x 21 cm, 1 @ 51 x 26.5 x 41.5 cm) with silver handles (2 on each drawer). Cloth-covered wood (exterior circle of flowers, red with white leaves surrounding flowers on blue/grey background) (interior is plain tan coloured with marks). Left side has cloth "drape" weighted by wood piece in cloth bottom edge (small section at top still attached, section lifts up). 7 wood hangers on twin silver metal rods (2 @ 48.5 x 7 cm, 3 @ 48.5 x 16 cm, 2 @ 48.5 x 20.5 cm, 1 @ 48.5 x 61.5 cm). Movable bracket for keeping hanging clothes in place, 1 shoe bag, 1 case with 1 handle and 2 snap fasteners on leather (48 x 33 x 10.5 cm back, 8.5 cm front, lid has bowed over years).
artifact : steamer trunk

early 1900*s
2012.061.002 Gift Shop Back

The Royal Train "Folkard"
The Royal Train "Folkard" - a postcard that can be written on, then folds in half to be mailed with fold and tear off edges (3). Details of the Royal Train, address, postmark (1942, Toronto Ontario) and 3-cent stamp. Inside has personal note and poem.
textual record : postcard

1929 copywrite
2012.067.001 1-5-8-36
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