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More Info Christ Church Parish Hall Official Opening, 1915
"Come With Me to Yesterday" article # 186 of 633 articles in a series of articles published in the Cranbrook Courier, Town & Country, Daily Townsman and Daily Bulletin between 1963 and 1978. Series coverage includes various events, people and topics of the Cranbrook district. Original articles are based on research from early district newspapers, books, interviews and correspondence often including transcribed sources. Research by Dan A. MacDonald. Editing, notes and comments by Dave Kay.
textual record : newspaper article, photocopy

1978.064.118 REF.0001.0001
More Info Cranbrook, B.C.
'Christ Church, Cranbrook, Known as the Church of Beautiful Carvings'

1984.014.001 1-5-1-17

Anglican Church choir graduation ceremony
Photograph : b&w

ca 1928
1996.038.001 1-3-4-9

Century in God's Light, A; Christ Church (Anglican)
The mission of Christ Church is to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ and to worship and serve God through a faith based on scripture, tradition and reason. We are a community that cares for each other through love, respect, fellowship, support and teaching. Includes letter of donation from the Christ Church in Cranbrook BC
book : softcover

1998.022.001 Library - Local History
More Info Cranbrook Anglican Church Collection Fonds
Record of Services at Fort Steele 1908 - 1963
textual record : notes, handwritten

1908 - 0963
2009.029.380 1-2-8-10
More Info Cranbrook Anglican Church Collection Fonds
Episcopal Church of the Parish of St. John's, Fort Steele, Minute Book 1898 - 1954
textual record : notes, handwritten & typewritten

2009.029.381 1-2-8-11

Anglican Sunday School Picnic, Cranbrook, B.C.
Men, women and children in front of trees with pot on campfire in foreground
photograph : b&w, mounted

2009.030.196 PHOTO.OS.0031.0002

The Hymn Book
The Hymn Book - The Book of Common Praise being the Hymn Book of the Church of England in Canada. Awarded to Beverly Collier from Christ Church Choir, Cranbrook, BC, Easter 1926
textual record : book, hardcover

Compilation 1908
2012.035.001 Archive Storage : Bay 8 Top
Viewing Entries 1 - 8 of 8
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