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More Info Coal Damp Explosion at Hillcrest Mine
"Come With Me to Yesterday" article # 202 of 633 articles in a series of articles published in the Cranbrook Courier, Town & Country, Daily Townsman and Daily Bulletin between 1963 and 1978. Series coverage includes various events, people and topics of the Cranbrook district. Original articles are based on research from early district newspapers, books, interviews and correspondence often including transcribed sources. Research by Dan A. MacDonald. Editing, notes and comments by Dave Kay.
textual record : newspaper article, photocopy

1978.064.131 REF.0001.0001

"Two Dead in Horrific Accident": September 27, 2002, and "Locals Want Deadly Curve Fixed": October
Daily Townsman Articles detailing traffic accident on Steamboat Hill in 2002 between a Diesel Tanker, an ore transport and a car.
textual record : newspaper clipping

September 27 & October 2, 2002
2002.120.001 2-2-5-11
Viewing Entries 1 - 2 of 2
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