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Western Canada Since 1870,
A Select Bibliography, begins wiith the Authors Index, Subject Index, Organization, Institution and Serial Index. Photographic Credits, Preface Acknowledgements.
Contains b&w photos, and b&w illustrations.
book : softcover

Dec. 1977
1980.024.001 Archives - Library

History of Canada Through Biography, The
1 Volume in the CPR Foundation Library Series. In a special case with 8 other volumes in the series. Contains biographies of explorers, soldiers & statesmen, Canadian Pacific History. First published 1929.
Index, Bibliography.
B&w photographs.
Duplicate of 1989.067.415
textual record : book

1996.047.016 Library - Reference

Walter Moberly and the Northwest Passage by Rail.
b&w illus.,
book : softcover

2006.023.002 Library
More Info The World Was His Country
Red plastic binding, typewritten manuscript of Father Cocolla's biography
textual records

ca 1978?
2011.006.001 Reference Library

Kootenai Brown
The biography of John George "Kootenai" Brown, who was a guide, scout, plainsman, rancher, oil prospector and the last of the old time Indian fighters. He pioneered the search for oil in the west, was chief scout with the Rocky Mountain Rangers during the 2nd Riel Rebellion of 1885, guide for the North-West Mounted Police and game warden of the Kootenay Lakes Forest Reserve.
b&w plates in the center of the book, extensive bibliography and index.
book : hardcover

2008.014.034 Library - Local History

The Vrooms of the Foothills - Volume 2 Cowboys & Homesteaders
Cowboys & Homesteaders is the second volume in the series The Vrooms of the Foothills by Bessie Vroom Ellis. This social history tells the fascinating story of the 1885 - 1914 era when cowboys, settlers and homesteaders poured into western Canada. Illustrated with over 220 photographs and 7 original maps, the stories resonate with the memories of immigrants who came to southwestern Alberta, looking for a better way of life for themselves and their families. Local people aided in the research for this book, as well as some connection with the family to Cranbrook and area. Notes accompanying book also included in inside cover.
textual record : book, soft cover

2008 First Edition
2012.017.001 Library
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