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More Info Attendance at First Ever CAMAL Meeting
Names and addresses of members present at first meeting at Willow Manor, Cranbrook, BC
textual record : list, handwritten

Feb. 16, 1976
1981.053.001 1-4-6-4
More Info 5th Anniversary Draw
Cranbrook Railway Museum, Cost $5.00, Prize: 1st class return fare to Vancouver by Via Rail. #160 0f 200
textual record : ticket

Jul. 1, 1982
1982.024.002 2-2-2-17
More Info CAMAL 5th Anniversary Ball
Cranbrook Railway Museum and Archives Foundation. Cost $5.00. Event at Elk's Hall, Cranbrook, BC.
textual record : ticket

Jun. 19th, no year given
1982.024.003 2-2-2-17

Picturesque Cranbrook
Provincial Government Building, Cranbrook, the old Courthouse - 1906, As Cranbrook grew towards a maturing community, larger and more imposing public buildings were constructed, and were to give a clear indication of the stability of future prospects. The old courthouse was the earliest large public structure, and stood grandly in the centre of Baker Street at the east end near 13th Avenue. It was unfortunately demolished & 1 copy with envelope
textual record : notecard B&W

1982.038.001 1-2-5-38

Picturesque Cranbrook
The CPR's Superintendent's House, Cranbrook, BC - The Canadian Pacific Railway was responsible for Cranbrook's beginning, and has always played a major part in its growth. shortly after the railway arrived in 1898, and made Cranbrook a divisional point, the CPR built this imposing home for its superintendent. It still stands in the 100 block of 12th Avenue & 1 copy with envelope
textual record : notecard B&W

1982.038.002 1-2-5-38

Picturesque Cranbrook
Parade on Baker Street - 1914, Parades on the main street always were, (and still are) popular with Cranbrook citizens, whatever the occasion. In this picture "Cranbrook Boys" are being saluted as they march towards the Railway Station to trains taking them off to serve in World War 1. & 1 copy with envelope
textual record : notecard B&W

1982.038.003 1-2-5-38

Picturesque Cranbrook
Troops entraining at Cranbrook Station - 1914, The Canadian Pacific Railway Station was a busy place to be when railways were the major form of transportation. Although this photo shows "Cranbrook Boys' entraining to to off to World War 1, it is an excellent illustration of the mood surrounding the arrival and departure of trains as a link with the outside world. & 1 copy with envelope
textual record : notecard B&W

1982.038.004 1-2-5-38

Parkin Manor
324 10th Avenue S., Cranbrook BC.
Also known as the Tower House and Miss Charington's School for Young Ladies, built 1910. & 1 copy
textual record : postcard B&W

1982.039.001 1-2-5-40

Masonic Temple
The old Masonic Temple is a very prominent landmark on 11th Avenue in downtown Cranbrook, Built in 1909, it was given a new lease on life in 1973 when it was purchased by the City. Since then it has become an arts centre - a home to such groups as dance and drama. & 1 copy
textual record : postcard B&W

1982.039.002 1-2-5-41

'Argyle' table setting
A rich table display setting in the dining-car "Argyle" at the Railway Museum. All items are authentic Canadian Pacific Railway dining-car service of china, glass and silverware. & 1 copy
textual record : postcard B&W

1982.039.003 1-2-5-42

'Argyle' interior
The interior of the restored dining-room of the dining-car "Argyle" at the Railway Museum. Built in 1929 for the fabulous "Trans-Canada Limited" of the Canadian Pacific Railway, the car is the last of its type. It contains highly-varnished black walnut panelling with delicate inlaid patterns, authentic table settings and a tea-room. & 1 copy
photograph : postcard, b&w

1982.039.004 1-2-5-43
More Info Application Form
For membership for CAMAL Foundation (1976)

1982.087.001 1-4-8-1
More Info CAMAL Foundation
CAMAL Foundation (1976)

1982.087.002 1-3-5-18

Train Museum on the Move - Newspaper Clipping From Monday, June 17, 2002
Train Museum on the Move - Newspaper Clipping - Cranbrook's Canadian Museum of Rail Travel will relocate to its new site later this year. Right now there's plenty of activity as the facility prepares to set up 25 historical rail cars to their best advantage. Details regarding the preparation for moving the Canadian Museum of Rail Travel from the original site to the new and expanded site.
textual record : newspaper

Monday June 17, 2002
2012.009.001 2-2-4-17
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