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More Info Enginemen's Manual
Diesel, Electric Locomotives. Detailed diagrams, descriptions and instructions.
book : softcover

June 1952
2008.030.001 Achives Storage Library
More Info Charts of the Westinghouse No. 6 ET Locomotive Brake Equipment
Contains piping diagram, release position, running position, automatic service position, automatic service lap position, release position after automatic service, holding position after automomatic service, running and charging position after automatic service, emergency position, independent lap position and independent release position. Supposed to also have transparencies of rotary valves but these are not present.
textual record : booklet

ca 1942
2008.037.001 PF.OS.0019.0040
More Info Locomotive Engineers Mechanical Training & Reference Manual
Manual is intended to provide locomotive engineers with current information regarding the systems and mechanical procedures which apply to the locomotives in service on CP Rail at the time of writing. Covers general locomotive information, the mechanical systems and oeprating procedures with whihc locomotive engineers must be familiar in order to efficiently and effectively discharge their responsibilites. Information applies mainly to high-horsepower GM Division and Montreal Locomotive Works locomotives.
Drawings and b&w photographs.
book : ring binder

2008.051.003 Library - Technical Railway Reference
More Info Canadian Pacific Railway (Western Lines)
Special Joint Tariffs and rates, inner pages 28 x 20 cm
book : hardcover

1912 - 1917
2009.029.411 Rare & Fragile Books
More Info Canadian Pacific
Instructions governing the operating of track inspection motor care with guide wheel rail equipment - 1966
textual record : pamphlet, printed

2009.030.015 PF.0176.0035
More Info Manual of Hancock Locomotive Inspirators
Information on how to operate and and repair inspirators
textual record : brochure, printed

2009.032.109 1-3-7-25
More Info The Fairbanks - Morse O.P. Diesel Engine for Locomotive Power
The Fairbanks - Morse O.P. Diesel Engine for Locomotive Power - 1950s Brochure. In the year 1933, Fairbanks-Morse engineers undertook to design and build a new kind of internal combustion engine, an engine which would join the 56-year old opposed-piston idea with the 42-year-old principle of diesel combustion. Several years of development were required before the engineers were satisfied that this new diesel was ready to take its place in the Fairbanks-Morse line. Today's Fairbanks-Morse Opposed Piston, the Model 38, has been improved and refined, but the basic design remains unchanged.
textual record : booklet

2011.059.001 PF.0176.0049
More Info Switcher's Lamp Lens - Amber
Switcher's Lamp Lens - Amber, plastic with 5 3/8 D. 3 1/2 F. on inside edging.
artifact : lens

2012.030.004 3-Dimensional
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