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Pictorial Encyclopedia of Railways, The
The most exciting and comprehensive collection of railway pictures ever published. Over 800 pictures and 30,000 words of captions which tell of the Railways from the first Babylonian rutways to the 100 mph. monorail.
Revised edition. 1976.
B&w photographs, some col. plates. Index.
book : hardcover

1977.028.001 Library

1978 Inland Empire Calendar
1978 Inland Empire Calendar with various b/w photos of locomotives and buildings.
textual record : calendar

1977.065.001 1-1-3-3

Concise Encyclopedia of World Railway Locomotives, The
Reference book on all forms of railway locomotion to be found in the world. Reference for professional railwayment and amateur locomotive enthusiasts. Contributors are world-famed authorities on their subjects.
b&w illustrations, col. illustrations,
book : hardcover

1978.200.011 Library - Technical Railway Reference

Canadian Pacific in the Rockies, Vol One
A pictorial review of 40 years in the mountain section of the railroad heading west from Calgary. B&w photos with detailed descriptions and map depicting the spiral tunnels.
book : softcover

March 1978
1979.032.001 PF.0187.0128

Canadian Pacific in the Rockies, Vol Two
B&w photos with detailed descriptions and map of Major CP Rail routes in Alberta and British Columbia and the elevation profile of the Main Line between Vancouver and Swift Current.
duplicate of 2007.033.083 and 1980.083.043
book : softcover

Oct. 1978
1979.032.002 PF.0187.0129

Canadian Pacific in the Rockies, Vol. Three
Focusses on Revelstoke to Golden area.
B&w photos with detailed captions, map of proposed railway tunnel
duplicate of 2007.033.084 and 1980.083.044
book : softcover

1979.032.003 PF.0187.0130

Antique Locomotives Coloring Book
An antique locomotive coloring book containing 43 drawings. Locomotives range from 1805-1963.
book : softcover

1980.066.001 1-3-6-7

Steam Passenger Service Directory
7th Annual directory. An illustrated directory listing tourist railroad, trolley and museum operations with regularly scheduled or intermittent passenger services: b & w photos, advertisements and discount coupons (all intact)
book : softcover

1982.003.001 Library

Steam Passenger Service Directory
16th Annual Directory . An illustrated directory listing tourist railroads, trolleyand museum operations with regularly scheduled or intermittent passenger service; b&w photos, advertisements and discount coupons (all intact)
book : softcover

1982.008.001 Library

Various Swiss Locomotives
textual record : postcard, col. photograph

1982.014.001 1-2-5-33

Preserved Canadian Railway Equipment
A quick reference roster of all equipment last owned & operated by Canadian main line railroads, industrial railways and electrical railways which have been preserved following retirement from revenue service.
B&w photos
book : softcover

Dec. 1972
1982.027.001 1-4-6-21

Severn Vallley Railway Stock Book
Severn Valley Railway Stock Book,
List of stock (cars) and where they were currently located before July 1, 1980.
Short narrative of cars' history.
7th edition.
B&w photos.
book : softcover

July 1980
1982.054.013 1-4-7-13

Rail Canada, Vol 4
Locomotive and passender car outlines for the equipment operated by VIA RAIL. Includes paint diagrams and rosters.
photos & diagrams
book : softcover

1987.067.001 Archives - Library
More Info Railway
'History of Locomotives' Montreal Gazette (1988)
textual record : magazine article, printed

1989.009.003 1-4-2-16
Alco 4-8-4 FEF steam loco (American Loco Co) 7 photostated pages
technical drawing : printed

1989.038.001 2-6-2-28

Official Railway Equipment Register, The, Vol 99, No. 1.
Covers freight cars operated by the railroads and private car companies of North America.
textual record : book

1989.076.002 Library - Reference

Official Railway Equipment Register, The
A catalgue of the United States, Canadian & Mexican Railroads. Showing by Car numbers,the marked capacity, length, dimensionsand cubical capacity of cars used to transport frieght. Does not include gallonage of tank cars.
book : softcover

1990.052.001 Library

'British Railway Locomotives'

A Ladybird Book, published (1958) by Wills & Hepworth, hard cover, 51 pages c/ww photos

1992.085.001 Rare & Fragile Books

Canadian Trackside Guide
Excerpt: "The major development which overshadowed all others during the past year, and one which will have a significant effect on the future Canadian railway scene, was the announcement by the Canadian government of the pruning of VIA Rail Canada."
textual record : book

1992.127.003 Library - Reference

Canadian Trackside Guide
Excerpt: " CP Rail - Operating in all provinces except Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland
textual record : book

1992.127.004 Library - Reference
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