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Image Title
Accession # Location
More Info Business Centre of South Eastern British Columbia
The Business Centre of Southeastern British Columbia
City of Cranbrook, Department of Business Development
textual record : document, printed

1977.005.001 1-1-2-31
More Info East Kootenay Telephone Directory
Covers Cranbrook, Creston, Fernie, Kimberley, Michel, Golden, Invermere
textual record : directory

October. 1946
1978.198.001 1-1-7-59
More Info East Kootenay Telephone Directory
Covers Cranbrook, Creston, Fernie, Kimberley, Michel, Golden & Invermere
textual record : directory

January 1948
1978.198.002 1-1-8-1
More Info Balanced Growth City's Objective
From Trade and Commerce Magazine (May, 1980)
textual record : pamphlet, printed

ca. 1980
1980.062.001 1-3-6-4
More Info Business Life of Western Canada
Includes articles on Cranbrook, BC, p. 38, 29, 41, 44-47
title : Coal Development Means Growth for Cranbrook
textual record : magazine

Mar. 1980
1980.062.002 1-3-6-5
More Info Cranbrook Business Guide
Short description of Cranbrook and towns close-by. Includes sections on emergencies, dealing with stains and a planting guide.
textual record : booklet, ill.

1982.005.001 1-4-6-8
More Info Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce
Guide to Cranbrook & District (1984)

1984.012.001 1-5-1-16
More Info Cranbrook, B.C.
Cranbrook Visitor's Guide (1985)
textual record : pamphlet, printed

1985.016.001 1-5-2-11
More Info Cranbrook, B.C.
Cranbrook Visitor's Guide (1985)

SAME AS 85.016.001
textual record : brochure, printed

1985.016.001A 1-5-2-12
More Info Cranbrook, B.C.
By Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce
textual record : brochure, printed

1986.024.005 PF.0187.0046
More Info Cranbrook, B.C.
Mini facts on Cranbrook (1979)
textual record : brochure, printed

1986.024.006 PF.0187.0047

Greeter Guide to Cranbrook
City of Cranbrook (1984)

1987.050.001 PF.0187.0039

Greeter Guide to Cranbrook
City of Cranbrook (1986)

1987.050.002 PF.0187.0039

Greeter Guide to Cranbrook
City of Cranbrook (1987)

1987.050.003 PF.0187.0039

Cranbrook Means Business
Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce

1987.052.001 PF.0187.0042
More Info Cranbrook, B.C.
'Cranbrook Means Business' (1987)
textual record : pamphlet, printed

1988.030.001 1-4-1-47
More Info Cranbrook, B.C.
'Cranbrook, BC, Trade & Commerce, City of the Year 1973' - including one photocopy
textual record : brochure, printed

1989.001.002 PF.0187.0064
More Info Cranbrook, B.C.
Daily Townsman 'Business' (1989)
textual record : newspaper

1990.012.001 2-1-2-8

The 50th Anniversary of the Laying of Steel
Cranbrook Golden Jubilee

textual record : pamphlet, printed

ca 1898-1948
1991.037.001 2-2-3-8
More Info Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd
Cranbrook/Kimberley 1866 - 1966
textual record : booklet

ca 1966
1993.042.144 1-6-6-4
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