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More Info Passenger Car Interiors
Model Railroader magazine
magazine article : photocopy

May 1961
1978.106.001 1-1-4-37

Train Shed Cyclopedia, No. 68
Passenger details, trucks & industrials (part 6) from 1925 Car Builders Cyclopedia. Paper back consists of 1055 pages with b & w photos, illustrations & detailed drawings and diagrams.
book : softcover

April 1978
1979.031.001 1-2-8-4

Train Shed Cyclopedia No 8
Passenger cars from 1931 Car Builders' Cyclopedia. 88 full size pages reprinted from the Original editiion.
Is a continuing series of books for use by model railroaders. Has numerous b & w photos and b & w technical drawings of floor plans.
book : softcover

Apr 1973
1981.004.001 1-2-8-4

From Abbey to Zorra via Bagdad
CPR Passenger Service in the 1950's
This book is a unique glimpse into one of the worlds finest passenger operations.
b & w photos, time table reproductions, b&w technical drawings of maps and train cars.
duplicate of 2007.030.001
book : softcover

1981.030.001 Library
More Info Summary of Equipment
Details locomotive classification and passenger car equipment. (CPR)
textual record : booklet

Jan. 1, 1944
1981.041.029 1-3-7-20
More Info Summary of Equipment
Signed by James A. Cross, Lethbridge AB, 1942.
Details equipment compliled and issued by the Chief of Motive Power & Rolling Stock.
Handwritten additions.
Contains 1 folded sheet with handwritten formula for frosting glass.
textual record : booklet

Jan. 1 1947
1981.041.030 1-3-7-21
More Info Assignment of Space in Sleeping, Parlor & Tourist Cars & Great Lakes Steamships
Information for agents and car conductors in connection with handling of diagrams. Floor plans of various carriages & cars.
textual record : booklet

June 10, 1945
1981.041.031 1-3-7-22
More Info Summary of Equipment
Details of Canadian Pacific locomotives & equipment.
textual record : booklet

Feb. 1, 1918
1981.041.032 1-3-7-23

Steam Passenger Service Directory
7th Annual directory. An illustrated directory listing tourist railroad, trolley and museum operations with regularly scheduled or intermittent passenger services: b & w photos, advertisements and discount coupons (all intact)
book : softcover

1982.003.001 Library

Steam Passenger Service Directory
16th Annual Directory . An illustrated directory listing tourist railroads, trolleyand museum operations with regularly scheduled or intermittent passenger service; b&w photos, advertisements and discount coupons (all intact)
book : softcover

1982.008.001 Library

Preserved Canadian Railway Equipment
A quick reference roster of all equipment last owned & operated by Canadian main line railroads, industrial railways and electrical railways which have been preserved following retirement from revenue service.
B&w photos
book : softcover

Dec. 1972
1982.027.001 1-4-6-21

Severn Vallley Railway Stock Book
Severn Valley Railway Stock Book,
List of stock (cars) and where they were currently located before July 1, 1980.
Short narrative of cars' history.
7th edition.
B&w photos.
book : softcover

July 1980
1982.054.013 1-4-7-13

Century of Deluxe Railway Cars in Canada, A
Lists cars of Canadian Pacific and Canadian National primarily but also included are Royal Trains over an extended period, Via Rail, Northern Alberta, Pacific Great Eastern, White Pass and Yukon, Esquimalt and Nanaimo, Soo Line, Ontario Northland, Algoma Central, Quebec Central and Dominion Atlantic.
book : soft cover

1983.011.001 Library

Yesterday's Trains
Traces the development of trains from steam engines to diesel locomotives and recreates an overnight trip on a Pullman sleeper during the 1930s. Has b&w & col. photos.
book : hardcover

1986.005.001 Library

Complete Roster of Heavyweight Pullman Cars, The
Listing of sleeping, parlor and lounge cars of riveted carbon steel body-frame construction that were built, owned and operated by the Pullman Company, with very detailed lists of information about each. Names, size, capacity, history of use, final destination (i.e. sold for scrap).
book : softcover

1986.012.001 Library

Rail Canada, Vol 4
Locomotive and passender car outlines for the equipment operated by VIA RAIL. Includes paint diagrams and rosters.
photos & diagrams
book : softcover

1987.067.001 Archives - Library
More Info 'Anatomy of a Passenger Car & Pullman Coach'
Two diagrams, one of which is split in smaller pieces

1987.072.043 2-6-2-27

Official Railway Equipment Register, The
Register of the United States, Canadian and Mexican Railroads, showing by car numbers, the marked capacity, length, dimensions and cubical capacity of cars used to transport freight. (does not include gallonage of tank cars for tariff purposes).
book : softcover

1988.068.002 Library

Official Railway Equipment Register, The, Vol 99, No. 1.
Covers freight cars operated by the railroads and private car companies of North America.
textual record : book

1989.076.002 Library - Reference
More Info Railway
First Class Coach (#45-C-243)

artwork : drawing, b & w, photocopy

1990.026.152 2-6-2-16
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