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Locomotive Catechism
Up-to-date (as of 1908) complete work on the locomotives, treating on the design construction repair and running of all kinds of locomotives . Includes chapters on air brakes, walschaert valve gear, electric headlights etc. Over 3000 questions with their answere.
Thenty seventh editionl-- entirely revised & enlarged and reset. Pencilled initials in upper left corner of front cover.
book : hardcover

1896, 1898, 1908
1977.009.001 Library
More Info Freight Brake Cylinders and Cast Iron Reservoirs
For types K and H Triple Valves with illustrations (Air Brake Department)
Technical Book.
textual record : booklet, hard cover

Oct. 1922
1977.023.001 Rare & Fragile Books
More Info Field Engineering
Handbook of theory & practice of railway surveying, location & construction. by William H Searles, Personal property of Charles R Ward.

book :

1978.194.026 3-Dimensional
More Info Modern American Railway Practice, Portfolio of Charts
Diagrams of piping, brakes, signal equipment.
technical drawing : col.

1981.041.015 2-6-2-39
More Info Classification & Dimensions of Locomotives
Charts & drawings showing engine, wheel types & dimensions.
textual record : booklet

Jan. 1945
1981.041.023 1-3-7-16
More Info Field Engineering
Field Engineering
book : softcover

1985.018.003 1-5-2-13

The Railroad Spiral
Railroad Spiral, Theory of Combined Transition Curve, The 6th edition
handbook of the theory of the compound transition curve reduced to practial formulae and rules for application in field work with complete Tables of deflections, ordinates, tangents, and long chords for five hundred spirals. Book signed on flyleaf, "W. King, C.P.R. Cranbrook, BC."

book : softcover

1985.018.004 1-5-2-13
More Info Railway
'Carman's Dictionary, The'

from Railway Educational Bureau
textual record : book, softcover

1986.004.001 Library

Swingle's Modern Locomotive Engineering Handy-book
Plain, practical information on the construction, care and management of Modern Locomotives. Includes questions and answers for self-study. Emphasis on the Air Brake.
Revised & enlarged 1908.
book : softcover, leather

1987.021.001 Library - Technical Railway Reference

Locomotive Catechism
Questions and answers concerning the design, construction, repair and running of all kinds of locomotives: intended as examination questions and to post and remind Engine-Runners, Firement and Learners. Has many b&w photos and illustrations.
book : hardcover

1987.056.002 Library - Technical Railway Reference

Handbook on Engineering
Practical care & management of Dynamos, motors, boilers, engines, pumps, inspirators & injectors, refrigerating machinery, hydraulic elevators, electric elevators, air compressors, rope transmission and all branches of steam engineering.
Sixth edition, Fifth Impression. Revised & enlarged.
Tables, b&w drawings.
book : hardcover

1987.072.006 Library - Technical Railway Reference

Audels Engineers & Mechanics Guide 8
Part of a progressive illustrated series with Questions-Answers, Calculations covering Modern Engineering Practice. Specially prepared for all engineers, mechanics and electricians. Practical course of study and reference for all students & workers in every branch of the engineering professions. Includes chapters on a wide variety of topics including (but not limited to) magnetism, storage batteries, transformers, dynamos, inside wiring, sign flashers, a.c and d.c motors, electric railways, the telegraphs, telephones, air conditioning, resuscitation, air compressors, x-rays.
Scale drawings, tables, math calculations, b&w photographs.
book : softcover

1987.072.007 Library - Technical Railway Reference

Audels Diesel Engine Manual
A practical, concise treatise on the theory, practical operation and maintenance of modern diesel engines. Questions & Answers.
Scale drawings and b&w photographs. Includes several pages of advertisements.
book : softcover

1987.072.008 Library - Technical Railway Reference

(Proposed) Canadian Rail Operating Rules
First Draft.
This book is the result of over 10 000 man hours of reserach, analysis, discussion and resolution to the rules and principles contained in this draft. Written suggestions for rules chances received by the committee were discussed, evaluated and approx. 60% were incorporated in this document.
book : softcover

1987.084.005 Library
More Info Railway
'CPR Traffic Codes, Settlement Codes, Miscellaneous Charges Codes & Interline'

Personal collection of Art Olson retired CP Rail Mobile Supervisor
textual record : booklet, printed

1988.068.012 1-4-2-5

Treatise on New York Air Brake, A
Information and numerous practical questions.
Prepared for students of the International Correspondence Schools. Vol. 1.
Col. diagrams (fold-out).
book : hardcover

1988.075.008 Library - Technical Railway Reference

Treatise on the New York Air Brake
book : hardcover

1988.075.009 Library - Technical Railway Reference

Travelling Engineer's Examination Book, The
Examination Questions and Answers : To improve the Locomotive Engine Service of Railroads. For firemen for promotion and new men for employment.
Revised 1944.
Diagrams & engravings. 1 detailed fold-out of cars.
book : hardcover

1990.026.272 Library - Technical Railway Reference

Motor Mechanic's Handbook, The
book :

1992.111.010 Library - Technical Railway Reference
More Info Railway Stenographer's Handbook
Excerpt: " Something has been well said to the effect that a good stenographer is far safer from poverty than a great Greek scholar. The demand for stenographers, trainmasters' clerks and private secretaries on the railway lines of the United States was never greater or more insistent than at the present time, and this demand, naturally, will continue to grow with the great and ever expanding business of transportation ."
textual record : book, hardcover

1994.048.001 Library - Reference
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