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  MacBeth, R G
  MacDermont, C.G.
  MacDonald, Dan
  MacDonald, Fiona
  Macdonald, Ian
  MacGregor, James G.
  MacKay, Donald
  MacKay, Niall
  MacKenzie, Keith
  MacLachlan, Donald F.
  Madsen, S Tschudi
  Maiden, Cecil
  Mallery, Paul
  Mallery, Steven
  Marlette, Jerry
  Marling, Greg
  Marre, Louis A
  Marshall, John
  Martin, J Edward
  Marty, Sid
  Matheson, Alastair
  Matthews, Ray
  Matthews, Ray A
  May, David
  Mayer, Lynn Rhodes
  Mayles, Stephen
  Mazzulla, Fred M
  Mazzulla, Jo
  McCall,John B
  McClure, Willa
  McDonnell, Greg
  McDougall, J Lorne
  McFarlane, James R.
  McGuire, William L.
  McKee, Bill
  McKnight, George
  McLean, Bruce
  McLeod. Murdock
  McQueen, Donald R
  Meeks, Carroll L V
  Meggs, Brown
  Melvin, George H
  Meyer, Ronald Howard
  Meyers, Stephen L
  Middleton, William D.
  Mika, Helma
  Mika, Nick
  Miller, Laurence
  Miller, Naomi
  Miller, William H
  Mills, John M
  Mitchell, Alan
  Mitchell, David J
  Modelski, Andrew M
  Moir, George T
  Montgomery, Frances Trego
  Moody, Linwood W
  Moore, Linda
  Moreau, Jeffrey
  Morgan, Bryan
  Morgan, David P
  Morgan, Murray
  Morgenfruh, Rudolph A
  Morice, Rev. A. G., O.M.I
  Morrison, Bill
  Morrow, Pat
  Morton, James
  Moss, William W
  Muncie, John G
  Muralt, Darryl E.
  Mussio, Russell
  Myers, Johnnie J
  Myers, William A.
  Myrick, David F.
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Accession # Location

Western Rail Trail
Book contains photos of various locomotives, steam and diesel in Western Canada
book :

2002.001.009 Library

Railways and Railwaymen
History of rail locomotives
book :

2002.001.010 Library

Fort Steele
Fort Steele Frontier Mining Town of the Kootenays, North West Mounted Police Post in 1887. Its rise - its decline - and its rebirth - enlarged edition fourth printing ("Yesterday" Series - no. 2)
textual record : booklet

2012.043.002 4-2-8-11

Come With Me to Yesterday Augmented Edition
Come With Me to Yesterday Augmented Edition - Tales Retold of Pioneer Days in East Kootenay including Fort Steele Frontier Mining Town North West mounted Police Post in 1887. ("Yesterday" Series - No 1) Third Printing. A collection of items of historical interest gleaned from old files of early district newspapers and other sources, telling of some of the more important events and people of the early days in the area.
textual record : booklet

2012.043.003 4-2-8-11
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