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Accession # Location

Baker Ranch at Cranbrook, BC; Col. Baker Centre From Hand on Hip
Reproduction photo of Baker Ranch, Cranbrook, BC
Col. Baker in centre with hand on hip
see 78.094.001 for copy
photograph : b&w

1976.033.002 1-1-1-50
More Info
Colonel James Baker

Color in Album 78.052.068

Slide of a photo from the Archival Collection

More Info Cranbrook's Beginnings, Col. James Baker
"Come With Me to Yesterday" article # 36 of 633 articles in a series of articles published in the Cranbrook Courier, Town & Country, Daily Townsman and Daily Bulletin between 1963 and 1978. Series coverage includes various events, people and topics of the Cranbrook district. Original articles are based on research from early district newspapers, books, interviews and correspondence often including transcribed sources. Research by Dan A. MacDonald. Editing, notes and comments by Dave Kay.

textual record : newspaper article, photocopy

1978.064.020 REF.0001.0001
More Info Col. James Baker
1 duplicate photocopy
textual record : biography, typed

Aug. 7, 1906
1978.093.001 1-1-4-28
More Info At Baker's Ranch, Cranbrook, BC
Photocopy of group photo at Baker's Ranch at Cranbrook, BC
photograph : b&w; photocopy

1978.094.001 1-1-7-65

Group in front of Government House
Photo of group in front of Government House, information on back
Duplicate photocopy with names, handwritten
photograph : b&w

1978.094.005 1-1-7-68

Col. James Baker Dressed in Hunting Attire
Photocopy of Col. James Baker dressed in hunting attire
photograph : b&w; photocopy

1978.094.006 1-1-7-69
More Info Colonel Baker Dies in England

textual record : obituary, typewritten

Aug. 7, 1906
1978.177.007 1-1-6-36
More Info Col. James Baker's Will
includes codicils
textual record : will, transcript, photocopy

Sept. 21, 1904
1979.007.001 1-2-7-3
More Info Report on Sale of land by John Galbraith to Col James Baker (1885)
Land Titles Officer for B C Government. Report also details other land held by James Baker & itemizes the sale of small acerage parcels from these holdings. Lots discussed now form the core of the City of Cranbrook. Includes duplicate

textual record : report, typewritten, photocopy

1979.011.001 1-2-7-7
More Info International Bimetallism
Speech To Legislative Assembly of BC.
Discussion on currency problems - gold vs silver as monetary base.
textual record : speech, transcript

Jan. 24, 1894
1979.075.001 1-3-2-4
More Info
'Western Men No 4, Col. James Baker'

From Western World, Vol 5 No 58 (c1894)

1979.075.002 Archives - Filing Cabinet
More Info Diagnosis of Brain Power
To Dominion National education Association, Toronto.
Supports free education for all children.
textual record : speech, transcript

Apr. 18, 1895
1979.075.003 1-3-2-5
More Info The Rich Kootenay
Describes Col James Baker's tour of some Kootenay mines.
textual record : article

Oct. 1895
1979.075.004 1-3-2-6
More Info Evolution of Mind
To Mainland Teachers Institute, Vancouver.
Discussion of evolution.
textual record : speech, transcript

Jan. 6, 1890
1979.075.005 1-3-2-7
More Info From Col James Baker to Dr. Joseph Truch
On Provincial Secretary's Stationery, in which he answers charges made against him & outlines his military career.
textual record : letter, handwritten, photocopy

Aug. 17, 1896
1979.075.006 1-3-2-8
More Info Hon Col Baker, Minister of Mines
textual record : article, photocopy

Oct. 1896
1979.075.007 1-3-2-9
More Info Crows Nest Coal Company Development
A brief on coal mining through Crowsnest Pass.
textual record : article, photocopy

Mar. 29, 1900
1979.075.008 1-3-2-10
More Info Col James Baker to Peter O'Reilly
Includes a photocopy of the envelope addressed to the Honorable P. O'Reilly.
textual record : letter, handwritten, photocopy

Sept. 30, 1900
1979.075.009 1-3-2-11
More Info Letter from Charles Edwards to Sec. BC Historical Assoc.
Brief history of Col. James Baker. Written on CPR Townsite Office Letterhead, indicating V. Hyde Baker was the Agent.
textual record : letter, handwritten, photocopy

Mar. 9, 1911
1979.075.010 1-3-2-12
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