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  Sage, Rufus B.
  Sagle, Lawrence W
  Sandknop, Stephen S
  Sanford, Barrie
  Sappers, Vernon J
  Sauerwein, Stan
  Schafer, Mike
  Schleicher, Robert
  Schmidt, F A
  Schneider, Ena
  Schneider, Fred W, III
  Schofield, Stuart J.
  Scholefield, E. O. S.
  Schramm, Jack E
  Schuessler, Karl
  Schuessler, Mary
  Schultz, Thomas R
  Schwantes, Carlos A.
  Scott, David
  Scott, R. Bruce
  Scott, Roy V
  Scribbins, Jim
  Seims, Charles
  Server, Lee
  Shea, Marie Cuffe
  Sheppard, Charles
  Sherwood, Shirley
  Siebert, C. L. Jr.
  Sievers, Walt
  Simpson, Helen
  Sleicher, John A
  Sleigh, Daphne
  Smiley, H. D.
  Smith, James K.
  Smith, Jessie Ann
  Smith, Joe
  Smuin, Joe
  Smyth, Fred J.
  Snyder, Marion
  Solomon, Brian
  Spearman, Frank H.
  Sprague, Marshall
  Spry, Irene M
  St. Maur, Mrs. Algernon
  Stanley, Robert C
  Staufer, Alvin F.
  Steele, Col Sam
  Steele, Colonel S. B.
  Stefani, Terry
  Steinheimer, Richard
  Stephen, George
  Stephens, David E
  Stevens, G R
  Stevens, John R.
  Stewart, Robert
  Stilgoe, John R
  Stindt, Fred A
  Stitt, Herbert
  Strachey, Lytton
  Strapac, Joseph A.
  Stremes, David P.
  Stringham, Paul H
  Stuart, Charles W.T.
  Stuart, Will
  Stuckey, Lawrence A
  Surtees, Robert J
  Swanson, Robert E
  Sweetland, David R
  Swett, Ira L.
  Swinfen, David
  Swingle, Calvin F
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Accession # Location

Spiral Tunnels and the Big Hill, The
book : softcover

1999.001.002 Library
More Info Railroad Art by Scotty
Custom Matted and Framed Collector Railroad Prints by Renowned Artist HL "Scotty" Scott III
textual record : magazine

2002.001.012 PF.0189.0063
More Info Rails to San Francisco Bay
A snapshot of the years 1900-1955 when common carrier steam and electric railroads operated coordinated rail-maritime service in the San Francisco Bay area of California. Street Railways with no maritime connection are excluded.
b&w photographs, bibliography
book : softcover

2007.034.057 Library
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