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  Davey, Nancy
  Davies, David Li.
  Dawson, J Brian
  de la Cruz Eustaquio
  Del Grosso, Robert C
  Del Vecchio, Michael J.
  Demoro, Harre W
  Dempsey, H A
  Denhez, Marc
  Dept of Transport
  Des Cars, Jean
  deT Glazebrook, G P
  Dickson, Rita
  Dill, Tom
  Dixson, Ellen
  Doeksen, Corwin
  Doeksen, Gerry
  Dolzall, Gary W
  Dolzall, Stephen F
  Dominy, Arthur L
  Donaldson, Ian
  Donaldson, Stephen E.
  Donovan, Edwin
  Dorin, Patrick C
  Doughty, Geoffrey H.
  Downs, Art
  Drury, George H
  Dubin, Arthur C
  Due, John F
  Duke, Donald
  Duncan, Alastair
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Railroads Across America: A Celebration of 150 Years of Railroading.
colour and b&w illus.,
book : hardcover

2006.018.001 Library
More Info Rails to San Francisco Bay
A snapshot of the years 1900-1955 when common carrier steam and electric railroads operated coordinated rail-maritime service in the San Francisco Bay area of California. Street Railways with no maritime connection are excluded.
b&w photographs, bibliography
book : softcover

2007.034.057 Library

Kettle Valley Railway
Details the Kettle Valley Railway through B/W and colour Photos, B/W Detail illustrations and detailed information on rolling stock
book : softcover

1981, Second Edition Dec 1995
2010.020.006 PF.0193.0064
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