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  LaFleur, Charles
  Laird, Armor (Red)
  Lang, Der
  Lang, Stuart
  LaPorte, Blanche
  Large, Fred
  Lascelles, Frank J
  Laurie, Annie Maria
  Laurie, Walter
  Lavallee, Omer
  Lawson, Bill
  Leask Family
  Leask, Andrew
  Leask, John
  Leask, Margaret E
  Leask, Mary
  Leask, Merritt (Whitey)
  Leask, Mrs Andrew
  Leask, Thomas
  Leask, William
  Leighton Family
  Leitch Family
  Leonard, Dorothy
  Leonard, Margaret
  Leonard, Sister Grace
  Levett, Francis A R
  Liddicoatt, Mrs. Alma
  Lillie, C A
  Lillie, Carmen
  Lindsey, D
  Lister, C E
  Little, Charles
  Lloyd, Kate
  Lloyd, R G
  Lodge, John
  Logan, James
  Logan, Jas
  Louie, Chop Sun
  Louie, Tip Sun
  Lower, Edith
  Lower, J Arthur
  Lower, Joseph F
  Lowery, Col L
  Lowther, Mr
  Lum, Fon Ling
  Lum, Kim Ling
  Lum, Yen Yet
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Land of Our Own
Land of Our Own - How four immigrant families united on Canada's Manitoulin Island. "Being the ancestry and history of Legg(e)s, Luthers, Parkins, and Reids of that island. Including relatives on branches elsewhere in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the U.S.A.
textual record : book, soft cover

2012.043.001 Library
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