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Dynamic Crowsnest, The
A guide to the history of the Crownest Pass area.
b&w photographs, maps, bibliography.
book : softcover

1977.024.001 Library - Local History

Dewdney Trail, Salmo to Fort Steele, The
Covers the story of the railroad construction from Salmo to the goldfields of Ft. Steele.
b&w photographs.
book : softcover

1977.025.001 Library - Local History

Dinner in the Diner
Great Railroad Recipes of Alltime-- Cookbook, includes historical information about various railroad companies, recipes and b&w photos, illustrations, drawings and maps.
book : hardcover, dustjacket

1979.001.001 Library

Diesel Builders, The -- Fairbanks-Morse & Lima-Hamilton
Discusses the title companies contributions to the diesel industries in the period after WWII. Includes a history of the companies and their various models and use on North American railroads. Includes an all-time builders' list for each company.
First Printing Summer 1985.
B&w photographs.
book : hardcover, dustjacket

1987.084.004 Library

Dominion of Canada, The
1 Volume in the CPR Foundation Library Series. In a special case with 8 other volumes in the series.
Contains 3 sections, completed between 1930-1937: Economic Geography by Morrison; Economic History by Heaton; Political Institutions by Bonar.
Biobliography, Index.
Duplicate of 1996.047.019
textual record : book

1989.067.411 Library - Reference

Dewdney Trail, Hope to Fort Steele, The
Description of over 700 miles of route which includes history, lakes and rivers, wildlife, government campsites, all communities, and over 120 col. & b&w photographs.
book : softcover

1990.006.001 Library - Local History

Daughters of Painted Ladies - America's Resplendent Victorians
Second in a series of 3 books. See also 1990.081.002 and 1990.081.004.
Because of the original "Painted Ladies" book (1990.081.002) expertly restored and brightly painted Victorians now beautify 46 states. The authors visited 128 cities and 41 states to document this revolution in restoration called "The Colorist Movement".
col. photographs. -
book : softcover

1990.081.003 Library

Disaster at Dundee
book : hardcover

1993.050.001 Library

Diesel-Hydraulic Locomotive
book :

1994.059.001 2-3-5-1

Dominion of Canada, The
1 Volume in the CPR Foundation Library Series. In a special case with 8 other volumes in the series. Contains 3 sections and was completed between 1930-1937. Economic Geography( by Morrison) Economic History (by Heaton) Political Institutions (by Bonar).
Bibliography, Index.
Duplicate of 1989.067.411
textual record : book

1996.047.019 Library - Reference

Diesel Spotter's Guide Update, The
book : softcover

1996.058.003 Library

Dawn of the Diesel Age
book : hardcover

1998.031.001 Library

Train Service and Instruction Manuals
Description of and Instructions for Operating, Oiling and Maintaining Type "D-1" Duplex Locomotive Stoker
textual record : booklet, printed

ca 1924
2000.045.004 PF.0193.0014

Directory Information and Reference
Directory of Cranbrook and South East Kootenay (photocopy)
texual record : directory, printed

2000.048.001 2-2-4-12

Diesel Builders - Volume II, The
photos & charts
book : hardcover

2001.005.001 Library

Diesel Builders; The: Vol 3 Balbwin Locomotive Works
book :

2001.045.001 Library

Diesel Locomotives - Field Guide to Modern
Photos and articles on GE GM and Motivepower Industries Wabtec
book : softcover

2002.045.001 Library

Delorimier & Angus
The story in pictures, diagrams and text of more than sixty years of steam locomotive building by the Canadian Pacific Railway Company
textual record : book, softcover

2011.026.001 Library - Technical Railway Reference

Death of the Iron Horse
In an act of bravery and defiance against the white men encroaching on their territory in 1867, a group of young Cheyenne braves derail and raid a freight train. True story, illustrated. For ages 5-8.
book : softcover

2010.020.005 Library

B.C. Directories - Cranbrook - Kimberley City Directory (Including Marysville)
B.C. Directories - Cranbrook - Kimberley City Directory (Including Marysville). An Alphabetical Directory of Business Concerns and Residents. From Frank (retired Cranbrook Fire Chief) & Delphine (owner of Colene's Dress Shoppe) Colonna's collection.
textual record : directory, printed

2012.027.027 Library - Reference
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