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Hotel Red Book of Canada
Resource book of hotels, resorts, and travel destinations in Canada, dated 1916
For Cranbrook see pages 100 - 101. P
book : hardcover

1976.006.001 Library

History of Railways
This book traces the story of railways the world over, through an authoritive text. Includes discussion of railways of Europe, Australasia, Asia, Africa and America. Sections onRailwayArchitecture and the Great Expresses.
Inscribed on flyleaf, "Garry, Best wishes for Christmas '79 and Happy New Year 1980. Love, David & Patty"
Col. and b&w photos and b&w and col. illustrations.
book : hardcover

1987.032.001 Library

History, Brotherhood Railway Carmen
50 Years of the history of the organization.
Many historical notes in the margins by Nels Smith. Also long note on inside front cover about the writing of this version (Canadian) of the book. Other very long notes on back inside cover and flyleaf. b&w photos.
book : hardcover

1987.072.002 Archives - Library

Handbook on Engineering
Practical care & management of Dynamos, motors, boilers, engines, pumps, inspirators & injectors, refrigerating machinery, hydraulic elevators, electric elevators, air compressors, rope transmission and all branches of steam engineering.
Sixth edition, Fifth Impression. Revised & enlarged.
Tables, b&w drawings.
book : hardcover

1987.072.006 Library - Technical Railway Reference

Heat Engines
Being a New Edition of 'Steam'.
New Impression 1918.
B&w diagrams.
textual record : book

1987.072.012 Library - Technical Railway Reference

History of Canada Through Biography, The
1 Volume in the CPR Foundation Library Series. In a special case with 8 other volumes in the series.
Contains biographys of explorers, soldiers & statesmen: Canadian Pacific History.
First published 1929.
Index. Bibliography.
B&w photographs.
Duplicate of 1996.047.016
textual record : book

1989.067.415 Library - Reference

Have A Good Day
A Leisure guide round and about Cranbrook, Kent, England. Many advertisements of places in the area.
book : softcover, plastic comb binding

1989.094.001 2-1-1-3

Handy Railroad Atlas of the United States
Contains USA map and maps of individual states showing the railway lines, including freight-only lines,with their names and mileages, principal cities,towns, and junction points. List of all railroads with their abbreviations.
book : softcover

1990.029.001 2-1-5-2

History of the New York Central System, The
photos & illustrations
book : hardcover

1992.086.006 Library

How People Travelled
illustrations & photos
book : hardcover

1993.028.002 Library

High Level Bridge at Lethbridge
book :

1993.047.005 2-3-3-7

Historic Preservation
book : hardcover

1994.041.001 Library

Historical Supply Catalogue
photos, illustration & diagrams
book : softcover

1994.069.001 Library

History of Canada Through Biography, The
1 Volume in the CPR Foundation Library Series. In a special case with 8 other volumes in the series. Contains biographies of explorers, soldiers & statesmen, Canadian Pacific History. First published 1929.
Index, Bibliography.
B&w photographs.
Duplicate of 1989.067.415
textual record : book

1996.047.016 Library - Reference

Hudson Royal, The
The story of railroading in British Columbia
textual record : booklet, printed

1996.058.001 PF.0188.0143

History of Canadian Railroads, The
book : hardcover

1997.040.001 Library
More Info Handbook of American Railroads
photos & maps.
textual record : book

1998.002.001 Rare & Fragile Books

book : softcover

1998.045.002 Library

Anecdotes from my railway career as a Fireman and Engineer
textual record : booklet, printed

1999.057.001 PF.0011.0014

Held For Orders - Stories of Railroad Life By: Frank Spearman
Illustrations by Jay Hambridge

2002.033.001 Library
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