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Mr Pullman's Elegant Palace Car
A chronicle of cheerful things in an age of hope and plenty, when a ride on the steam-cars was a glorious adventure in a fairyland where there were cherubs painted on the ceilings and Terrapin & Porterhouse on the dollar menu.
First edition.
B&w photos and illustrations. Writing in red and blue pen on flyleaf. "Property of George A. Fillian, Calgary, Alta."
book: hardcover

1982.001.001 Library

Mansions on Rails
book : hardcover

1997.017.001 ? not mentioned . . .
More Info Highliners, a Railroad Album
A photographic record including action shots of varnish trains and hotshot frieghts, of famous flyers and lowly locals, of railroad workers and yards, terminals and servicing scenes.
B&w photographs, all full page with facing page text.
book : hardcover, dustjacket

2007.034.007 Library
More Info Mansions on Rails
Folklore of the Private Railroad Car
A record of the era of bold acquisition and proud possession, a facet of America's growth.
Material includes detail from files found in the factory loft of the Pullman-Standard Car Mfg. Co.
duplicate of 1997.017.001

book : hardcover, dustjacket with plastic cover

2007.034.008 Executive Director's Files 59-12775
More Info Mixed Train Daily
A distinguished, comprehensive volume of railroad history. Combines the work of America's foremost railroad historian and the photographs of Charles M. Clegg, Jr. Colour plates by Howard Fogg. Concern of the book is the little railroads of homely destinies.
reprint 1961
book : hardcover

2007.034.009 temp Store New Boardroom
More Info Narrow Gauge in the Rockies
Story of three-foot cars and engines on which an entire generation of the Colorado Frontier rode to golden destinies of riches and romance. Augmented by a matchless album of photographs by the masters in this field.
3rd printing
b&w photographs, maps & drawings.
book : hardcover, dust jacket in plastic cover

2007.034.010 temp Store New Boardroom
More Info Age of Steam
A classic album of American Railroading.
A pictorial anthology of railroading in the grand manner and inits golden age. Embraces the beautifully painted wood burners of the early days of overland transport, the folkways of small carriers and operations, personnel and installations; landscapes that formed a background to steam travel
2nd edition.
book : hardcover

2007.034.011 Library 72-86410
More Info Hear The Train Blow - Pictorial Epic of America in the Railroad Age
Picture story amplified with text of the railroads as they played a part in American history. Explores the background against which the railroads flourished in the age of steam and the impact that they have had upon the lives of several generations since.
b&w photographs, drawings and reproductions of textual records.
Don Isherwood's name written inside front cover.
book : hardcover, dust jacket in worn plastic cover

2007.034.012 Library 52-8254
More Info Trains We Rode, The
The most comprehensive picture survey of American railroad travel ever undertaken by experts in the field. A panorama of the old style of overland transportation where luxurious surroundings were taken for granted. Over 1500 b&w photographs and illustrations celebrate the age of Pullman Standard and steam motive power.
book : hardcover, dustjacket

2007.034.013 Library 90-61899
More Info When Beauty Rode the Rails
A pictorial album of old time railroading. A rich collection of the unusal and the bizarre, the dustoms, artifacts, equipment which were the stuff of railroading legend. A marvelous & exotic picture of early railroading in a gentler era.
b&w photographs, drawings
book : hardcover

2007.034.014 Library 62-14189
More Info High Iron, A Book of Trains
A collection of photographs that have value for their historical associations or some gratuitous esthetic appeal for railroad amaterus and enthusiasts plus a chronicle of some the trains, locomotives and aspects of railroad history that interested the author.
Printed in 1943.
b&w photographs, reproductions, an index of car heralds, devices and insignia of the principal railroads of North America, glossary, bibliography, index of illustrations.
book : hardcover

2008.013.001 Rare & Fragile Books
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