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Some Classic Trains
Discusses trains worldwide, an aspect of surface transportation in the age of steam cars--during the first half of the 20th century. Includes interurban trains.
Includes 2 sheets of photocopied maps of rail routes loose inside front cover.
Sixth Printing
b&w photographs, maps, index.
duplicate copy CBK.2007.034.117
book : hardcover, dust jacket in plastic cover

1976.081.001 Library

Sternwheelers, Sandbars & Switchbacks
Chronicle of steam transportation in the British Columbia waterways of the Columbia River System, 1965-1965.
Appendix, Index, B&w maps, charts.
duplicate of CBK.1977.026.002
book : softcover

1977.026.001 Library
More Info Selkirk Range of British Columbia, Vol I
book :


Story of CPR Roundhouses in British Columbia, The
(Summer Project 1978) Discussion history, meaning, a tour, specifics about the buildings, roundhouse memorabilia and a whole section of b & w photographs of roundhouses from various BC towns.
textual record : booklet, printed

1978.251.001 1-2-6-20

Some We Have Met & Stories They Have Told
A series of biographies of East Kootenay personalities, pioneers, and events.
With b & w illustrations. Cover and book illustrations by Margaret Moore.
textual record : booklet, printed

1980.038.001 1-3-2-40

Sensible Rehabilitation of Older Houses, The
Prepared for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation for the new homeowner. B&w photos depicting before and after. A visual guide to home renovations and renewal.

book : softcover

Nov. 1979
1980.064.001 Archives - Library

Steam Passenger Service Directory
Attempts to include every tourist railroad operation in the United States and Canada about which reliable information can be obtained, including Electric Lines and Museums. Fifteenth Annual Directory. Includes reduced rate guest couplons.
book : softcover

1980.065.001 Library

Steam Passenger Service Directory
7th Annual directory. An illustrated directory listing tourist railroad, trolley and museum operations with regularly scheduled or intermittent passenger services: b & w photos, advertisements and discount coupons (all intact)
book : softcover

1982.003.001 Library

Steam Passenger Service Directory
16th Annual Directory . An illustrated directory listing tourist railroads, trolleyand museum operations with regularly scheduled or intermittent passenger service; b&w photos, advertisements and discount coupons (all intact)
book : softcover

1982.008.001 Library

Sinners and Saints
A narrative about the early days in the farthest West and the building of the Crows Nest Pass Railway. The dramatic story of the ravalry of the Canadian Pacific and the Great Northern Railways, containing accurate historical information personally observed by the author and a warm human and spiritual rendition of various episodes.
b&w photos.
book : softcover

June 1947
1982.019.001 Library
More Info Sammy the Shunter, Sammy Goes to America

book : softcover

1982.020.001 1-4-6-17

Severn Vallley Railway Stock Book
Severn Valley Railway Stock Book,
List of stock (cars) and where they were currently located before July 1, 1980.
Short narrative of cars' history.
7th edition.
B&w photos.
book : softcover

July 1980
1982.054.013 1-4-7-13

'Sensible Rehabilitation of Older Houses, The'

by Harold Kalman

For CMHA (1979), 62 illustrated pages

1982.078.001 Archives - Library

Steam Along the Sound
Describes/celebrates the last spike at Squamish and the journey from Vancouver to Squamish. Primarily full page colour photos with detailed captions. Map of the Royal Hudson route
book : softcover

1983.007.001 1-4-8-16

The Selling of Canada
CPR & the Beginning of Canadian Tourism.
Describes how the CPR developed & promoted tourism in it's quest for a profitable passenger line. b&w photos & b&w illustrations, colored posters.
book : softcover

1984.024.001 Library

Steam Spirit
This book covers the various steam locomotives built from 1903 to 1950.
A pictorial/caption history of steam.
Col. photographs.
book : softcover

1985.021.001 Library

Steam, Steel & Limiteds
The single most comprehensive book that has ever been published about America's 1907-1947 "Great Varnish Era" passenger trains. 1600 b & w photos and illustrations describing all of America's 61 major railroads and many of the proud steam passenger trains they once operated.
Copyright 1967.
Car Name Index, General Index.
B&w photographs, reproductions of some textual records. Some col. plates.
book : hardcover, dustjacket

1985.025.001 Library

Swingle's Modern Locomotive Engineering Handy-book
Plain, practical information on the construction, care and management of Modern Locomotives. Includes questions and answers for self-study. Emphasis on the Air Brake.
Revised & enlarged 1908.
book : softcover, leather

1987.021.001 Library - Technical Railway Reference

Steam Trains
A pictorial history. Some detailed captions. Covers the basic types, fantastic engines, into the 1990s, the decline and fall.
Col. photographs.
book : hardcover

1987.084.001 Library

Silver at Your Service
A collector's guide to railroad dining car flatware patterns.
Signed on title page by author (Art Dominy) and numbered 393/500.
B&w photos & detailed descriptions.
book : hardcover, dustjacket

1988.005.001 Library
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