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Train Wrecks
A Pictorial History of Accidents on the Main Line. The absorbing story of wrecks on the right-of-way -- which brought on "horror" articles, songs & scare sketches frightening travelers and even making for more accidents.
Bibliography. A folded photocopy of a related newspaper article from Dec. 28, 1935 (Toronto) is loose inside the front cover. is inside the front cover.
duplicate of CBK.1988.077.001 (same book - different edition)
book : hardcover

1977.027.001 Library

Train Shed Cyclopedia, No. 68
Passenger details, trucks & industrials (part 6) from 1925 Car Builders Cyclopedia. Paper back consists of 1055 pages with b & w photos, illustrations & detailed drawings and diagrams.
book : softcover

April 1978
1979.031.001 1-2-8-4

Train Shed Cyclopedia No 8
Passenger cars from 1931 Car Builders' Cyclopedia. 88 full size pages reprinted from the Original editiion.
Is a continuing series of books for use by model railroaders. Has numerous b & w photos and b & w technical drawings of floor plans.
book : softcover

Apr 1973
1981.004.001 1-2-8-4

Trail of Iron: The CPR and the Birth of the West, 1880-1930
Focuses on the Canadian Pacific Transcontinental Railway and its pervasive impact on the opening up of the Canadian West. Contains nearly 200 b&w photos, 16 pages of full color illustrations.
book : hardcover

1983.044.001 Library

A pictorial archive from nineteenth-century sources. 525 Copyright-Free b&w illustrations for Artists and Designers.
Illustrations of all modes of transport, land, sea & air.
book : softcover

1986.014.001 Library NC825.V45T7

Thomas Cook Continental Timetable
A simple guide to the principle Rail Services of Europe with shipping services in the North Sea, the Baltic and the Mediterranean.
book : softcover

Sept. 1-17, 1986
1987.053.001 Library

Ties to Water
The history of Bull River in the East Kootenay. Signed on title page by author.
Map of Bull River area and watershed. Covers industry (mining, logging, railroad etc.) in the area, farms, employers (including the trout hatchery) and people of the area, also family histories.
book : softcover

1988.051.001 Library

Treatise on New York Air Brake, A
Information and numerous practical questions.
Prepared for students of the International Correspondence Schools. Vol. 1.
Col. diagrams (fold-out).
book : hardcover

1988.075.008 Library - Technical Railway Reference

Treatise on the New York Air Brake
book : hardcover

1988.075.009 Library - Technical Railway Reference

Train Wrecks
A Pictorial History of Accidents on the Main Line. /The absorbing story of wrecks on the right-of-way -- which brought on "horror" articles, songs & scare sketches frightening travellers and even making for more accidents.
duplicate of CBK.1977.027.001 (same book - different edition)
b&w photos & Diagrams
book : hardcover

1988.077.001 Library HE1780.R4 1982

They Call Me Father
Memoirs of Father Coccola, Memoirs of Father Coccola, written reluctanty, after more than fifty years as missionary to British Columbia as a result of a direct order from his bishop. His spiritual charges were primarily the native peoples of the Kootenay region and later, in the northwest part of BC. This book is 7th in a series of important documents of the colonial and early provincial history of British Columbia.
b&w photographic plates.
duplicate of CBK 2008.014.011
book : hardcover, dustjacket

1989.025.001 Library

Train Wrecks for Fun & Profit
A little known aspect of railroading -- deliberately running locomotives into each other head on for the thrill. Events occurred over a 40 year period and relegated many dozen steam engines to the scrap yards.
B&w photographs.
book : softtcover

1989.066.001 Library
More Info Tragedies of the Crowsnest Pass
book :

1990.032.001 Library

Transit in British Columbia - The First Hundred Years
Written to celebrate the centennial of public transit west of the Rockies. Focus on the old electric streetcars.
Appendix, Index.
Detailed maps, col. and b&w photographs.
Possible duplicate.2007.038.007
book : hardcover, dustjacket

1990.083.001 Library

Transcontinental Excursion, Boston to San Francisco
Reproduced from the 1870 Boston Board of Trade. An on-board newspaper accounting of the First Chartered Railroad Excursion from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Contains several of the on-board newspapers between Vol. 1 No. 1 Niagara Falls,May 24, 1870- Vol.1 No. 12 Boston,Monday, July 4, 1870. Across the country and back again.
book : softcover

1990.084.001 2-1-6-4

Those Beautiful 'C' Liners
A Photo album of 'C' Liners in British Columbia.
Full page b&w photographs with detailed captions.
On title page is written " Thank you, Jim Hope".
First edition. Copyright 1985.
photos, maps & diagrams
book : softcover

1991.010.001 Library

Trans-Canada Highway Victoria to Calgary, The
photos & maps
book : softcover

1992.112.001 Library

Transport & Communications
illustrations & photos
book : hardcover

1993.028.001 Library

Tay Bridge Disaster, 1879, The
Appalling disaster in Dundee. Tay bridge wrecked. Train thrown into the river
includes bookmark
book : softcover

1994.015.001 2-3-3-17

Tay Bridge Centenary

1994.076.001 2-3-5-11
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