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Westinghouse Electric Railway Transportation
Bulletin 118 of Central Electric Railfans' Association. Describes Westinghouse Electric as a major supplier of equipment to all aspects of the industry, over the full range of electrics including heavy mainline electrifications.
reprinted 1979.
b&w photographs, maps, diagrams and reproductions of textual records.
book : hardcover

2007.038.004 Library
More Info Not Only Passengers
CERA Bulletin 129.
How the Electric Railways Carried freight, Express and Baggage. Covers types of carriers, freight men, difficulties with interurbans, exchanges between steam and electric lines. Focuses on New York State.
b&w photographs, reproductions, index.
book : hardcover, dust jacket in plastic

2007.034.139 Library
More Info Palmetto Traction: Electric Railways of South Carolina
Describes a variety of railroads throughout South Carolina, including city street railways and interurbans.
b&w photographs, scale drawings, index.
book : softcover

2007.034.152 PF.0188.0092
More Info John's Journey
Autobiography of John Marra, his journey from Italy and his career with the CPR
textual record : biography, document, typewritten

2010.003.612 2-2-2-18
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