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Wheels Across America
Pictorial history of America on wheels from colonists to autos.
b&w illustrations. Over 1100 rare engravings,prints and early photographs.
broken spine.
duplicate of 2007.034.130
book : hardcover, dustjacket

1978.216.001 Library

Rails in the Motherlode
Discussion of the railroad in connection primarilywith logging in central California.
Dust jacket created by Harlan Hiney.
Maps were drawn by Donald C. De Vere
b&w photos, index and an epilogue by Adolf Hungry Wolf.
duplicate of 2007.034.127
book : hard cover, dustjacket

1979.055.002 Library
More Info Via Union Pacific
Detailing operation of the Union Pacific during wartime. Illustrated with charts and b&w photographs.
textual record : brochure

1981.041.019 1-3-7-15

Union Pacific Story, The
Union Pacific Story, The
A narrative regarding the short or long life of early railroad towns, the types of men, conditions and the promise of fertile farmlands and gold lured adventures west disspelling the legend of treeless plains arid beyond compare.
B&w sketches, colored sketches, b&w photos.
book : softcover

1982.006.001 1-4-6-9

America by Train
A practical guide to American rail passenger service. Detailed descriptions of various routes, charts of mileages.
b & w photos
Cover completely loose.
book : softcover

1983.006.001 Rare and Fragile Books

North American Railroading
The first comprehensive encyclopedic guide to the story of railroading over a 150year period, in the United States and Canada.
b & w photos & illustrations throughout.

book : hardcover, dustjacket

1984.033.001 Library HE 2751.H8

Steam Spirit
This book covers the various steam locomotives built from 1903 to 1950.
A pictorial/caption history of steam.
Col. photographs.
book : softcover

1985.021.001 Library

Steam, Steel & Limiteds
The single most comprehensive book that has ever been published about America's 1907-1947 "Great Varnish Era" passenger trains. 1600 b & w photos and illustrations describing all of America's 61 major railroads and many of the proud steam passenger trains they once operated.
Copyright 1967.
Car Name Index, General Index.
B&w photographs, reproductions of some textual records. Some col. plates.
book : hardcover, dustjacket

1985.025.001 Library

Yesterday's Trains
Traces the development of trains from steam engines to diesel locomotives and recreates an overnight trip on a Pullman sleeper during the 1930s. Has b&w & col. photos.
book : hardcover

1986.005.001 Library

150 Years of North American Railroad
Covers the whole 150 year history of the world's most formidable transport system, from the pioneering days of the last century to the age of Amtrak and Conrail, b&w photographs, col. photos, b&w illustrations.
book : hardcover, dustjacket

1986.010.001 Library

The Great Trains
A world-wide round up of expresses that link town to town, and state to state, many countries of the world, and which still keep their glamor today. Includes sections on Britain,Russia, Europe, North America, India and rest of the world.
B&w photos, col. & b&w illustrations.
book : hardcover

1986.015.001 Library TF573.G.72
More Info Franklin Mint Almanac, The; Vol 10 No 1
Franklin Mint Almanac, The; Vol 10 No 1
textual record : pamphlet, printed

1986.017.001 PF.0187.0027

Railroaders, The
Part of Time Life Series on "The Old West". The Union Pacific railroad in 1866 extends from Missouri to California.
Bibliography, Index.
b&w pictures, color pictures, b&w illustrations and color illustrations
book : hardcover, leather bound

1987.034.001 Library

Railroad Maps of North America
Traces the history of this continent's first 100 years of railroad mapping. The maps are arranged according to the three North American countries and then by type of maps beginning with early surveys and maps of entire regions and leading to maps that show particular locations or serves particular purposes.
B & w photos, b & w illustrations, b & w maps.
book : hardcover

1987.048.001 Library G1106.P3M6 1984
More Info All Aboard the White Pass and Yukon Railroad
'Various from Seattle Commerce' (1982)


1987.076.002 1-3-8-4

North America's Great Railroads
Each chapter gives the history of a different transportation company, from the days of the infamous robber barons through contemporary corporate mergers. Includes, Pennsylvania; New York Central, Atchison, Topeka & FSanta Fe; Burlington Northern, Union Pacific; Southern Pacific; Canadian Pacific, Canadian National and the railways of the Chessie System.
col. photos, llustrations & maps.
book : hardcover

1988.007.001 Library

Great Northern Railway, The', A History
Details the history of the new transcontinental line, the Pacific Extension of the Great Northern Railway which brought steamcar civilization to a sprawling region from the upper Mississippi Valley to Puget Sound. Chronicle's the railroad's growth throughout the Northwest, the railway's early strategies an dphilosophy, employee relations and campaigns to develop the service area, also stressing the work of James Jerome Hill. Original invoice, loose inside front cover.
Appendices (4), Bibliography, Index.
B&w photos, maps, tables.
book : hardcover, dustjacket

1988.032.001 Library
More Info Rock Island Line
'Rock Island Line'
textual record : magazine article, printed

1988.035.002 1-4-2-2

White Pass & Yukon Route, A Pictorial History, The
A pictorial history. Some textual history primarily b&w photographs with detailed captions.
Seventh printing.
book : softcover

1989.027.001 Library

Soo Line, The
The story covers the history, train services, and equipment of the Soo Line Railroad, concentrating on the period from the 1930s to the 1970s.
photos, diagrams & maps.
book : softcover

1989.028.001 Library
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