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More Info Partnership - a New Approach
Canadian Tourism Commission
additional copy
audio visual : video cassette

May 1996
2009.032.181 Filing Cabinet
More Info Stephans' Railroad Directory Volume 1: Model Railroader Trains
Index to Model Railroader Magazine (1934-1985), and Trains Magazine (1940-1985).
book : softcover

2010.011.001 Reference

World Atlas of Railways
Maps, photos and text that cover the development of railways, how railways work now, great routes, great expresses, railway systems.
First American edition.
Chronology, who's who, glossary, bibliography, index.
book : hardcover

2007.035.004 Library

Electric Locomotive Plan and Photo Book
Contains some history, but primarily full page photos of many locomotives and fold out black and white diagrams with measurements.
book : softcover

2007.036.010 Library

Electric Railway Dictionary (1911)
A book of nostalgia, but it is also a book containing practical lessons to be learned. It is a valuable reference work for planners who want to know more about the type of transportation people used and enjoyed in earlier years, and also a rich source of authentic details for model builders, historians and others who have a serious interest in the actual equipment used in those days of clean air, quiet streets and rapid enough transit.
textual record : book

1972 (reprint from 1911)
2007.035.012 Library
More Info All Time Catalogue of Interurban and Street Railway Books and Bulletins
North American Edition. Catalogue of History Books. A catalogue of all of the English language history books that have been published on Interurbans, Street Railways and Rapid Transit systems in the USA and Canada.
book : softcover, plastic coil binding

2007.034.232 PF.0188.0139
More Info Air Brake and Air Train Signal Rules
Canadian Pacific Railway Company rule book.
textual record : booklet

2008.037.003 PF.0193.0013
More Info Walschaert Valve Gear
A home study book with detailed diagrams and explanations. O.E. Paulson written in pencil on front cover. First published 1924, also editions in 1930 and 1934.
textual record : booklet

2008.037.005 PF.0193.0016
More Info No. 6 ET Locomotive Brake Equipment
Self Study booklet complete with detailed diagrams and explanations. Also includes examination questions. Edition 1, Part 2. Envelope glued to back cover -- is empty.
textual record : booklet

2008.037.006 PF.0193.0016
More Info No. 8-ET Locomotive Brake Equipment
Intended for self-study. Many detailed photos and diagrams with very specific explanations accompanying them. As well as descriptions, operating information and maintenance information is included. 12 finely detailed diagrams folded and glued inside back of booklet.
textual record : booklet

Sept. 1946
2008.037.007 PF.0193.0016

C is for Caboose: Riding the Rails from A to Z
Word book about trains including illustrations and photos for young readers.
book : hardcover, dust jacket

2010.029.003 Library
More Info Recycling Directory
Regional District of East Kootenay 1977
textual record : directory, printed

2009.030.022 PF.0176.0042
More Info Legendary Trains
Includes one pamphlet entitled Railroad Communication Signals, and 16 sections entitled Basic Technical Data, Creation of the World's First Railway Systems, Golden Ages of the British, Italian, French, and German Systems, Swiss System and the Big Alpine Electrics, Other European Systems, Grand Era of International Luxury Trains, Peak of Railroading in North America, Railways of Distant Lands, Outstanding Records and Systems, Light Rail, Metros, and Subways, Modern and High-Speed Trains, Railway Tourism and Culture, and Toy Trains and Model Railroading. Includes technical characteristics, brief histories and descriptions, and images.
book : hardcover, binder

1998 (translation)
2010.008.001 Library
More Info Stephans' Railroad Directory Volume 2: Railroad Model Craftsman
Index to Railroad Model Craftsman Magazine (1933-1987)
book : softcover

2010.011.002 Reference
More Info Stephans' Railroad Directory Volume 3A: Railroad / Railfan
Index to Railroad/Railfan Magazine (1929-1987)
book : softcover

2010.011.003 Reference
More Info Stephans' Railroad Directory Volume 3B: Railroad / Railfan
Continuation of Volume 3A
Index to Railroad/Railfan Magazine (1929-1987)
book : softcover

2010.011.004 Reference

Dorling Kindersley Handbooks. The most accessible recognition guides
Textual Record: Book, softcover

2017.014.002 Library

National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Fossils
Field Guide to North American Fossils
Textual Record: Book, softcover

2017.014.001 Library

Steamboats of the Okanagan
Brief history of the sternwheeler passenger ships which travelled up and down Okanagan Lake.
Textural Record: Book: soft cover

2018.068.001 MSS

Paddlewheels on the Frontier Vol One
Story of BC - Yukon sternwheel steamers covering the Cariboo & Central BC, Lower Frazer River, Vancouver Island, Skeena and Stikine
Textural Record: Book: soft cover

2018.068.003 MSS
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