2010.008.001 » Legendary Trains
Accession: 2010.008.001
Object: book : hardcover, binder
Title: Legendary Trains
Description: Includes one pamphlet entitled Railroad Communication Signals, and 16 sections entitled Basic Technical Data, Creation of the World's First Railway Systems, Golden Ages of the British, Italian, French, and German Systems, Swiss System and the Big Alpine Electrics, Other European Systems, Grand Era of International Luxury Trains, Peak of Railroading in North America, Railways of Distant Lands, Outstanding Records and Systems, Light Rail, Metros, and Subways, Modern and High-Speed Trains, Railway Tourism and Culture, and Toy Trains and Model Railroading. Includes technical characteristics, brief histories and descriptions, and images.
Item Date: 1998 (translation)
Size: 26 x 23.5 cm
Pages: 183 (individual pages)
Publisher: Atlas Editions, Inc.
Location: Library
Indexed In: Railroad
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