2017.032.004 » Lovelle Steele Murdoch

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Accession: 2017.032.004
Object: Painting: Coloured Oil
Title: Lovelle Steele Murdoch
Description: Oil painting of Lovelle Steele Murdoch

First in Cranbrook in 1902 to 1905, working in Reid and Co. Store. Moved to Bull River in 1918. He was on the Mill staff of the C.P.R. (Lumber Div.), becoming Mill Superintendent there and later at Canal Flats. Left the C.P.R. to operate his own general store in Canal Flats. Moved to Yahk where store and home were burned in September 1942, and so came into Cranbrook. Dad worked as a bookkeeper for various lumber firms and finally for R.E. Sang Ltd. until his retirement at the age of 80.
Size: 16 X 20 Inches
Creator: Burton, Adolphus
Location: Upstairs Storage
Indexed In: Cranbrook