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Accession # Location
More Info Canadian Museum of Rail Travel
Drawings by Ian Browne
architectural drawing : plan

ca 2001
2010.003.031 MAP DRAWER #3
More Info Official Inspection near Myra
Reproduction of sketch
Kettle Valley Sketch

2017.008.001 Oversize Shelf
More Info Westbound in Myra Canyon
Reproduction of sketch
Kettle Valley Sketch

2017.008.002 Oversize Shelf
More Info Westbound near Myra Canyon. Engine 3401
Reproduction of sketch
Kettle Valley Sketch

2017.008.003 Oversize Shelf
More Info Kettle Valley Heritage Society Fund Raising
Fund raising letter
Kettle Valley Letter

2017.008.004 Oversize Shelf
More Info Articles on Sleeman's Beer
Sleeman's Beer

2017.009.001 MSS

Oscar Linquist
Oil painting of Oscar Linquist
Painting: Coloured Oil

2017.032.001 Upstairs Storage

Louise Stropki
Oil painting of Louise Stropki
Painting: Coloured Oil

2017.032.002 Upstairs Storage

Isaac Asinov
Oil painting of Isaac Asinov
Painting: Coloured Oil

2017.032.003 Upstairs Storage

Lovelle Steele Murdoch
Oil painting of Lovelle Steele Murdoch

First in Cranbrook in 1902 to 1905, working in Reid and Co. Store. Moved to Bull River in 1918. He was on the Mill staff of the C.P.R. (Lumber Div.), becoming Mill Superintendent there and later at Canal Flats. Left the C.P.R. to operate his own general store in Canal Flats. Moved to Yahk where store and home were burned in September 1942, and so came into Cranbrook. Dad worked as a bookkeeper for various lumber firms and finally for R.E. Sang Ltd. until his retirement at the age of 80.
Painting: Coloured Oil

2017.032.004 Upstairs Storage

Flossie Lambly
Oil painting of Flossie Lambly
Painting: Coloured Oil

2017.032.005 Upstairs Storage

Miss Ellen Buckingham Paterson
Oil painting of Miss Ellen Buckingham Paterson

Came from Vancouver in the year 1915.Teaching for two and a half years at Roosville, later at Kootenay Orchards rural school before joining the staff of Cranbrook Central School. In 1955 Miss Paterson was named Cranbrook's Good Citizen of the Year” and was presented with a scroll of honour by the City Fathers. Retirement in 1961.
Painting: Coloured Oil

2017.032.006 Upstairs Storage

Walter Manson
Oil painting of Walter Manson
Painting: Coloured Oil

2017.032.007 Upstairs Storage

Matthew (Matt) McCrindle
Oil painting of Matthew (Matt) McCrindle

In 1915 he moved to Cranbrook where he worked for Tom Austin at the Model Dairy and had complete control of milk distribution in Cranbrook. He bought out the dairy and changed the name to City Dairy and constructed a large red barn 36 feet wide by 140 feet long and about 32 feet high, on the corner of Sixth Street North and Victoria Avenue. He continued to run the dairy for 20 years, during which time the horse drawn milk wagons were phased out and replaced by milk trucks. A modern pasteurization plant was added after World War II. He also served as a member of the Cranbrook City Council.
Painting: Coloured Oil

2017.032.008 Upstairs Storage

William Henry Wilson
Oil painting of William Henry Wilson

He came to Cranbrook in 1902 where he practiced his profession as jeweller and optometrist. He was an extremely community-minded citizen who for many years worked hard and tirelessly in the interests of the community. In 1953 he was recipient of the first Cranbrook’s Good Citizen award for that year.
Painting: Coloured Oil

2017.032.009 Upstairs Storage

Clara Graham
Oil painting of Clara Graham

In 1908, began her teaching career in Castlegar. She was the first teacher in this small school. Her teaching career continued in various schools throughout the Kootenays, until at Kingsgate, BC, in 1917 she met and married Percy Graham at Proctor, BC. They began their married life in the town of Cranbrook. It was he who gave Clara Graham the encouragement and confidence to take up writing as her new career. Nearly all of her writing was related to the Kootenays. Her last book, “Journey to Yesterday”, is in part her autobiography. In this book she includes a description of life in Cranbrook just after the First World War.
Painting: Coloured Oil

2017.032.010 Upstairs Storage

Dick McClure
Oil painting of Dick McClure
Painting: Coloured Oil

2017.032.011 Upstairs Storage

Thomas Mason Roberts
Oil Painting of Thomas Mason Roberts

Came to Cranbrook in 1902, and made his home here since that time. Served 16 terms as Mayor. In 1900 entered the service of the City of Cranbrook as city clerk, a post which he held for some seventeen years. In 1924 he was elected as mayor, and continued to serve in this office for sixteen terms, his election being by acclamation in the majority of cases. Honor of Freeman of the City was conferred upon him in 1938.
Painting: Coloured Oil

2017.032.012 Upstairs Storage

Regina Linquist
Oil Painting of Regina Linquist
Painting: Coloured Oil

2017.032.013 Upstairs Storage

Oil Painting of Margaret
Painting: Coloured Oil

2017.032.014 Upstairs Storage
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